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Tap Water Testing Kits

These are our water testing kits if you get your water from a regulated water company. We offer independent UKAS lab water testing to check for inorganic contaminants present in your tap water. Best to test for plumbing violations, corroded pipes or other plumbing issues.

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Our Top Water Testing Kits

We offer a range of tap water testing kits¬† to suit your needs. Our testing kits are easy to use, with detailed instructions and results available within a few days in most cases. We also offer a water hardness test as part of all packages, which will help you determine if your tap water is too hard or soft for the intended use. So if you’re looking for an accurate and reliable way to test your tap water, look no further than Aquavue! Thanks for choosing us!

Unless mentioned otherwise, all our tests are certified in a UKAS approved lab (or ISO equivalent if based in Europe) and independently tested. As ground and surface water can also be easily contaminated by other chemicals such as PFAS or volatile organic compounds, you can also add these other packages to the below tap water tests.

  • Essential Tap Water Test

    • 35 Analytes Tested inc. Lead, Chloride, Fluoride, pH, Water Hardness and Nitrate

    • This is the test for your peace of mind and especially if you:

      • Live in a house built pre-1980s,
      • Live in a house with children or vulnerable adults,
      • Are generally concerned about metals, fertilisers in your drinking water and water hardness.
  • Advanced Tap Water Test

    • 113 Analytes Tested (see below)

    • This is the test for you if you:

      • Live in a house built pre-1980s.
      • Live in a house with children or vulnerable adults
      • Are concerned about metals, other inorganics and volatile organic compounds from disinfection products and other industrial sources.
      • Free and total chlorine level self check test included
  • PFAS Water Testing

    • Test for 49 PFAS including GenX commonly found in drinking water.
    • The most comprehensive PFAS testing package in the UK.
    • Analysis performed in UKAS/ ISO certified lab
    • For ISO/IEC 17025:2017 SWEDAC 1977 accreditation sample special collection kit is required (included in price)
    • Free shipping on all kits
  • Baby Health | Water Testing Kit

    • 35 Analytes + Coliform Bacteria Tested

    • This is the test for you if you:

      • Have a baby or soon expecting one
      • Plan to use either formula feeds only or a combination (and tap water to prepare them)
      • Want peace of mind that your tap water is safe to drink for you and your growing family

Need some extra help?

This can all be confusing, so if you need any help from our scientists, get in touch with us and we'd be happy to assist you with ordering the right water test for your needs.

This depends entirely on how many contaminants you would like to test for, and this will depend on the area you live in. Do you live in a new or old house? Do you live near a military base or in a more rural area? Contact us for assistance in choosing the best kit for you.

Once you place the order online, we ship the testing kit to your address. You then fill the bottle with water, place it in the water-tight bag, and ship it to one of our UKAS approved labs around the country. The report will then be delivered to you within 5-7 working days.

Once we receive the report from the lab, we will review the results and customize the report producing recommendations backed by our scientists. All of our recommendations are independent and we are in no way partnered with any of the filtration companies we may recommend.

Once you place the order, we will ship the package to you within 1-2 business days. You can then ship the item to the lab and should be delivered the next day. We will then send you the report within 5 calendar days.

Please read our water collection instructions page for more information.