Water Testing Kits & Lab Certified Water Testing

Protect your family from harmful metals, bacteria and PFAS
Take steps to purify your drinking water
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The human body is made up of 60% water! That’s why it is vital to ensure that the water we consume is free from harmful contaminants.

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Start by Selecting Your Drinking Water Source

Water Testing Kits and Lab Testing
Tap Water
Are you testing your tap water and live in a city or in the countryside?
Water Testing Kits and Lab Testing
Well & Spring Water
Do you take your water from a private non-regulated well or local spring?
Water Testing Kits and Lab Testing
Commercial Water Testing
Have a look at our commercial water testing options.
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1. Collect Sample

We ship you everything you need to collect your water sample, including a how-to guide.

2. Ship To Lab

In your box, there is a free shipping envelope which you use to send your sample straight to the lab.

3. Get Full Report

We will issue your water report once our UKAS certified labs have analysed the sample, and suggest improvements to your water quality.

Our Most Popular Tests

  • Baby Health | Water Testing Kit

    • 35 Analytes + Coliform Bacteria Tested

    • This is the test for you if you:

      • Have a baby or soon expecting one
      • Plan to use either formula feeds only or a combination (and tap water to prepare them)
      • Want peace of mind that your tap water is safe to drink for you and your growing family
  • Advanced Tap Water Test

    • 113 Analytes Tested (see below)

    • This is the test for you if you:

      • Live in a house built pre-1980s.
      • Live in a house with children or vulnerable adults
      • Are concerned about metals, other inorganics and volatile organic compounds from disinfection products and other industrial sources.
      • Free and total chlorine level self check test included
  • Essential Tap Water Test

    • 35 Analytes Tested inc. Lead, Chloride, Fluoride, pH, Water Hardness and Nitrate

    • This is the test for your peace of mind and especially if you:

      • Live in a house built pre-1980s,
      • Live in a house with children or vulnerable adults,
      • Are generally concerned about metals, fertilisers in your drinking water and water hardness.

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