Finding a drinking water testing lab near you can be complicated if you don’t have any connections in the industry.

That’s why at AquaVue, we make it easy for you to get the same high-quality UKAS-certified test results that you would expect from an industry leader. Our job is essentially to connect you to world-leading ISO and UKAS certified laboratories in the UK and Europe.

We offer a wide range of services that can help you find out what’s in your water without having to leave your home. From testing for contaminants like lead and arsenic to testing for bacteria, PFAS testing, volatile organic compounds, and much more.

The way we achieve this is by sending you a water testing kit with everything you need inside.

Depending on the chemicals you want to be tested, this may contain one or more bottles, an ice pack, collection instructions, and a prepaid shipping level for 24h delivery to the nearest certified shipping lab close to you.

We have contracts with the very same best drinking water testing labs that are also used by your water suppliers inc Thames Water and South West Water.

water testing bottles

Example of the 1000ml water sampling bottles that we send to you in the post.

Why can we offer this cheaper than going directly to the big labs?

Simple – that’s because we have bulk order contracts, just like a wholesale business would.


What is the best drinking water testing lab?

It is difficult to determine the “best” drinking water testing lab, as this often depends on your specific needs and requirements. That is why we use different national labs, for different water test packages.

Some important factors to consider when selecting a drinking water testing lab include the range of contaminants tested for, the accuracy of the test results, the speed of turnaround time, certification of the lab, and the cost of the tests.

We have made this job easier for you by taking care of all the details in the back end.

We only deal with UKAS/ ISO certified labs for drinking water or surface and ground water in some cases. This ensures utmost reliability of your drinking water test results.

Why should I use a UKAS accredited water testing lab?

Accreditation is essentially a process in which an independent third-party organisation assesses the competence and performance of a laboratory. In the UK, the organisation certifying the labs is called UKAS.

Their accreditation provides assurance that a lab operates in a manner that meets or exceeds recognised standards and is capable of producing valid and reliable results.

The main difference between accredited and non-accredited drinking water testing labs is the level of quality and reliability. A UKAS accredited lab must adhere to rigorous standards for quality control, including regular proficiency testing, and reviews to ensure that they are maintaining their high standards.

In contrast, non-accredited labs may have fewer quality control requirements and may not have undergone the same level of scrutiny as accredited labs.

In short, accredited labs are the best drinking water testing labs to use because they offer a higher level of confidence in the validity and reliability of the results. This can be important when making important decisions about the safety of your drinking water and whether you might require a water filter or take some extra precautions.